About Us.

Who We Are

ACOMAD is a platform that brings together like-minds to respond to challenges relating to migration as it affects the development of the African Continent.

Welcome to ACOMAD


Voices of a new beginning; a rebirth.

In response to the mortgaging of the future of African children by our various governments with a penchant for borrowing money that ends up being looted and spirited to safe havens in Europe and elsewhere.

ACOMAD would like to engage in with like-minded people and organizations. We intend to
conduct studies, run knowledge exchanges, and organize workshops and conferences across
African countries to discuss strategies, engage our governments and UN, enlighten our African
brethren and check runaway Chinese exploiters‘ excesses.

Our Mission & Vision.

What are we about?

We are choosing not to sit on our laurels and watch this ugly phenomenon continue unabated, our human and mineral resources, which are already endangered, will soon be history to us, the children of Africa.


An Africa with diverse migration and development opportunities, a land free from all forms of exploitation and human rights abuses; a land teeming with peace and progress for common interests and benefits to her resilient people.


To advocate for social economic, political justice, peace and development for Africa by Africans; promote transparency and accountability among institutions across the continent and campaign against human rights abuses and exploitation perpetrated against Africans anywhere in the world.


The overall objective is to ramp-up a campaign from all angles possible with a view to catalyzing meaningful development to African countries and oppose oppression, exploitation and neo-colonialism in all their forms while demanding vertical and horizontal institutional transparency and accountability.

Core Values

We believe in urgent action, innovation, and the necessity of transformation
and these are the main values we hold dear.





What We Do

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Will you change a child’s
life today?

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Share your time, share your
love for community

We need and love volunteers, because of you, we are able to do more across the African continent.

"The future of Africa is not within the external factors but within Africa itself. The future of Africa lies here in Africa.

Paul Boateng

Member of House of Lords of the United Kingdom